A rich culture heritage has been formed through over 30 years of development, mainly including “one foundation and eight elements”, four kinds of spirit, as well as field culture and competence culture.

“One foundation and eight elements”
One foundation means “take a clear-cut stand on what you agree or disagree”; “eight elements” refer to being people-oriented, collaborative innovation; making greater efforts to focus on major areas, strong competitiveness and refined management; respecting regulation and program, keeping pace with the times, adapting to market requirements, and constantly revising and improving the system; relying on and serving the industry; resource conservation; safe and stable operation; risk control; struggle for the future.

“Four kinds of spirit”
The enterprising spirit of relying on, struggling for and serving the industry; the fighting spirit of seizing the opportunity, overcoming the difficulties and persevering in tenacious efforts; the dedication spirit of being fearless of danger and difficulty, practical work, loyalty and integrity; the innovation spirit of having the courage to embrace new ideas, reforming and transcending.

Field culture and competence culture
As the field troop of the pioneering, developing and operating markets, NORINCO shoulders special mission and great responsibility in international military trade, and shall have “field competence” adapting to a variety of environmental conditions, including the courage to overcome emergencies and uncertainties, and making a rapid response to changes in the market; daring to solve hardship and uncertainty, the ability to handle with problems in the forefront of the market; dare to analyze the contradictions and problems, and creatively carry out the work.