Tanks and Armoured Vehicles
After experiencing a continuous development of more than 30 years, China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has a complete series of tanks & armoured vehicles for overseas market, essentially include MBT-3000, MBT-2000 and VT2 main battle tanks;

VN5, VN6, VN9 and VN11 tracked IFVs; VP1 and VP6 APCs; VN1, VN4, VN5 and WMZ551 series of wheeled armoured vehicle, and etc. that have formed a family of armoured vehicles weaponry that possess powerful weapon system, advanced information system, good cross-country maneuverability and flexibility, strong integrated viability and high cost-efficient performance. In the international defence product market, our highly competitive tanks and armoured vehicles have formed a broad product spectrum of high, medium and basic levels that satisfy the consistent demand from overseas customers. At present, NORINCO’s tank and armoured vehicle have been exported to a dozen of countries in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America and other areas, and have won high recognition and extensive favorable comments from the foreign clients.
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Artillery Weapons
Suppression weapon system is a traditional advantageous field of NORINCO. In this field, PLZ45 155mm gun-howitzer system and long-range MLRS are quality brands of both NORINCO and China’s military trade.

NORINCO’s suppression weapon products mainly include cannon, rocket launcher, reconnaissance & command system, ammunition product as well as corresponding support equipment, and the like, in which, the artillery series products cover 7 types of 155mm gun-howitzer with different carrying mode and barrel length, 6 types of 122mm howitzer with different carrying mode, 5 types of 105mm howitzer, 3 types of 120mm mortar, as well as 152mm howitzer and 130mm cannon, and etc.; the artillery rocket weapons include various launching platforms of different calibers like 370mm, 300mm, 273mm, 122mm and 107mm, and etc., which can realize long-range suppression of over 200 km. There are abundant varieties of ammunition products in this field that can satisfy the various needs of operational application for different weapon platforms.
NORINCO’s suppression weapon system generally takes battalion-level weapon system as the basic configuration, and each type of weapon platform as the core operational unit, being matched with the corresponding command vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, radar, logistic support equipment, and etc., possessing the operational advantages on the system integration and network-centric warfare, thus is highly competitive in the international market.
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Guided Weapons
NORINCO’s products and R&D capability in the field of anti-tank guided missiles and guidenization of conventional ammunition have reached international level. Among our anti-tank missile systems, Red Arrow73 series, Red Arrow 8 series,

Red Arrow 9 heavy-type anti-tank missile weapon system, GT6 anti-tank guided missile system, Blue Arrow series air-to-ground missile system are all the anti-tank missile weapon systems acclaimed internationally with good cost effectiveness and large quantity in active service. They are the essential weapons of military forces.
New guidenization type of conventional ammunitions mainly cover such fields like GP series laser-guided, laser-beam riding and laser terminal-correction projectile, and etc., including the 155mm and 122mm laser-homing projectile weapon systems, 125mm and 105mm laser-beam riding gun-launched missile weapon systems, as well as 120mm laser-homing and laser terminal-correction mortar bombs. These precision guidance ammunitions can all be used by many countries’ main equipment across the world, enabling conventional artillery to implement precision strike. These weapon systems can all be used to upgrade the conventional weapons, showing high cost-effectiveness, as well as high striking accuracy with the world advanced level.
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In the past 30 years and more, NORINCO has persistently committed itself to developing the ammunition technology, and has provided the domestic and overseas military forces with large number of ammunition products with complete range,

advanced technology and reliable performance. In the recent years, NORINCO has adhered more to the development of long firing-range, high accuracy and high capacity ammunitions, and has formed several brand series like Long Fire and 155mm, and the like. Along with the technology development, NORINCO has, on several operational platforms, developed new laser-homing, target-sensitive, GPS+INS guidance ammunitions, and has effectively raised the army’s precision striking capability in the battlefield. In the meantime, we have also exploited radio-jamming, radar interference, and GPS interference projectiles, and etc. so as to leap forward on the information-based campaigns. NORINCO will at all time make unremitting efforts to provide our customers with more new types of ammunition products that will suit the modern warfare demand.
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Air-Launched Weapons
In the air-launched weapon field, NORINCO owns abundant basis on technology and system integration and modernization, and our airborne products include guided aviation bomb, non-guided aviation bomb, air-to-ground missile, aircraft gun and airborne EO pod, and etc.

Both eastern and western fighting aircrafts can mount them for application.
The newly-presented GB series 500kg and 250kg glide extended-range satellite / laser combined guidance aviation bomb has such characteristics of long delivery range, high hit accuracy and large power. It can be used in cooperation with the technically-advanced airborne illuminator pod and ground laser illuminator, forming a combat-proven operational system.
NORINCO’s non-guidance aviation bomb products cover complete types and categories, including fuel-air-explosive bomb, thermobaric bomb, low-altitude / low-drag HE bomb, pre-fragmented HE bomb, incendiary bomb, anti-runway bomb and etc. They weigh from 1000kg to 200kg. We can also supply carbon fiber aviation bomb for attacking the enemy’s substation facilities to paralyze their power grid.
NORINCO’s Blue Arrow 7 air-to-ground missile has employed laser semi-active guidance system that can carry several types of warheads, and is mounted on the armed helicopter and assaulting type UAV that can flexibly attack the ground target both soft and hard.
In addition, NORINCO can also supply many types of airborne weapon like aircraft gun, gun pod, and Gatling machine gun for helicopter door-gunner, and etc.
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Naval Weapons
NORINCO’s small-caliber naval gun products include remotely-controlled fully automatic naval gun, gun-board semi-automatic and manual operation naval guns, and etc. They are the important weapon equipment for naval and coast-guard ships,

undertaking operational missions of air defence, anti-missile and striking sea surface target, and so on.
NORINCO’s high-firing rate naval gun has such characteristics of fast response speed, fierce fire power, excellent accuracy, strong damage effect and etc. It is mainly used for intercepting sea-skimming anti-ship missile and low altitude penetration aircraft. It is essentially equipped on the large and medium naval vessels.
Our medium and low firing-rate naval gun features small recoil, high first-round hit probability, easy operation and easy maintenance. It is mainly used to strike sea surface target, and take account of low-intensity battle missions like air defense, implementing patrol, guarding, escorting fishing, hitting floating mine, and small type water surface target in the littoral area, clear the navigation course, convoying, and so on. They are mainly equipped by the medium and small naval vessels, and may also be used as the shipboard gun of the large and medium water surface naval vessels to cope with emergent terrorist attack.
Apart from equipping the domestic naval vessels, NORINCO’s naval gun products have currently been exported to countries of Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and etc.
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Air Defence Systems
In the air defence field, NORINCO has taken the low altitude, ultra-low altitude air-defence and anti-missile capabilities as the key, supported by C4ISR networking technology, and integrated many types of medium-and-short range air-defence missile system,

short-range air-defence anti-missile weapon system, self-propelled and towed medium and small caliber anti-aircraft gun, missile-gun integrated air-defence system, air-defence electronic warfare system and photoelectric countermeasure system, and so on, that have formed a unified and complete area air defence system. It closely combines the perception of remote air situation with the field operations and strategic point air defence weapon systems, thus providing the customer with an integrated air defence solution.
NORINCO’s air defence system has become organizational system and been exported to several countries. We have provided the customers with perfect training and supplier’s logistics support service, raised the quality of user’s operational training, thus providing our air defence solution with the guarantee of long-term smooth operation.
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Coast Defence & Homeland Security
Border and coast monitor is an important field for safeguarding a country’s sovereignty and territorial sea, as well as territorial safety. In this field, NORINCO has solid technical strength and implementation capability,

able to provide customers with full-scale solution schemes to realize day-and-night surveillance and monitoring over territorial sea, border-line and key area, and carry out all-weather no-blind-zone detection, watching, alarming, tracking, recording and reporting on illegal crossing of boundary, weapon and drug smuggling, and the like.
Longview Integrated Coast Surveillance System (ICSS) consists of the command center, observation communication station and many types of sensors like the long-medium- short range sea-surface surveillance radar, EO system, UAV that are subordinated to the station. By means of wired and wireless communication, the ICSS carries out information transmission to realize all-weather seamless surveillance watching over the sea area. Being combined with weapon system such as gun-howitzer and etc., it can construct a complete national coast-based defence system capable of implementing all-weather sea surveillance, target designation, information communication, command decision-making and fast strike.
Integrated Border Surveillance & Control System is composed by command center, surveillance system, communication system and support system, capable of carrying out such functions like the day-and-night surveillance, synthesized situation display and control, alarm disposal, command and dispatching, information comprehensive disposal, and etc. Sensors like EO turret, radar, shocking cable, and so on can achieve day-and-night surveillance. Patrol vehicle and boat can carry out mobile surveillance and fast disposal. UAV and airship can implement large-scope air 3D surveillance. Remotely-controlled weapon station and strong sound-out equipment can also be used to reject and warn the ground intruders.
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
NORINCO pays particular attention to the UAV and its related product in terms of R&D activities. So far we have developed a series of unmanned aerial vehicles and their related products such as UAV platform, mission load carried by UAV, missile carried by UAV,

and small-diameter guided aerial bomb, and etc. They feature cutting edge technology and high cost-effectiveness, and have obvious leading capability in the country, as well as advanced level worldwide. A series of best sellers represented by Sky Saker attacking-type UAV, Sharp Eye series of reconnaissance-type UAV, Blue Arrow series of UAV-borne air-to-ground missile have won sufficient recognition from the international market.
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Radar and Electro-Optic Equipment
NORINCO’s radar products are mainly to provide the weapon system and weapon operation platform with such functions like sensing the battle field situation, designating the target for striking, controlling the platform fire power, guiding precision strike weapon,

and etc. After many years of devoted research and development, NORINCO have formed seven major series of over 30 types of radar products covering artillery reconnaissance and fire-correction radar, air defence early-warning radar, medium-short range target designation radar, battle field surveillance radar, coastal defence & fire-correction radar, air defense FCS, meteorological radar and so on. With such characteristics as excellent performance, reliable quality, perfect maintenance, high cost-effectiveness, and etc. They are highly competitive in the international military trade market, and have reached the world’s advanced level in this sector, and have enjoyed the fame in the international military trade market.
In the optical electric sector, NORINCO is proud of its R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and our products have reached or neared the international advanced level. Major products cover:
Optical electric fire-control system It contains tank FCS, FCS for various types of artillery and air defence weapon system, and FCS for small arms and remote-control weapon station, as well as FCS for aviation and etc.
Night vision observation and aiming system It contains Infrared thermal imager, low-light-level goggle and sight, night driving periscope, low-light image intensifier, and etc.
Laser products It contains various-wave band laser range-finder, laser designator, laser countermeasure system and etc.
Orientation navigation system It contains GPS system, inertia navigation system, and etc.
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Infantry Weapons
As the basic products of NORINCO, infantry weapons have been continuously developed and improved. By now they have shaped into five series of products:

LG Series Grenade Launchers: It includes two series of ammunition and launchers, i.e. 40×53mm high-velocity and 40×46mm low-velocity series, and they are fully compatible with NATO contemporary products. By now they have been sold to nearly ten countries and won users’ high praise.
Individual Rocket Ammunition: It includes three caliber series of 40mm, 80mm and 120mm with a variety of ammunition types like HEAT, HE, fortification assault, thermobaric, and so on, which can meet the close combat and urban operational demand.
Small Arms: Apart from the traditional three major automatic rifle families and various-caliber light and heavy machine guns, the comprehensive performance of our sniper weapon system has reached the international first-class level.
Integrated Infantry Combat System: It is famed as the fourth revolution tidal wave of the small arms equipment. Our products keep pace with the international level.
Less-Lethal Weapon and Ammunition: NORINCO provides our customer a variety of less-lethal products that can be used to dispose outburst and mass riot incident to satisfy the diversified international market demand.
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Riot Control Equipment
NORINCO has applied itself to developing, producing and marketing the products in the field of counter-terror and riot control, and has provided the customer with specialty counter-terror and riot control scheme. Our products and service scope mainly include:

Riot Control and Counter-Terror Vehicle: That means armored riot-control assault vehicle, armored riot-control personnel carrier, water cannon vehicle, automatic road-blocking vehicle, escalating vehicle, command and communication vehicle. In addition, it also covers such equipment like the UAV for carrying out air searching, and the police patrol boat suitable for offshore, river and lake use.
Police Weapon, Civil Firearms and Accessories: That means pistol, rifle, submachine gun, sniper rifle, hunting rifle, various calibers of cartridge and accessory like cartridge link, cartridge drum, cartridge box, cartridge magazine, rifle sight, and etc.
Non-Lethal Riot-Control Products: That means riot-control rifle, various calibers of tear gas, stun grenade, color-smoke grenade, rubber bullet, signal flare, and so on, also gas mask, net-catching device, water cannon, car stop pin, various police equipment such as handcuff, police baton, and etc.
Individual Protective Products: That means bullet-proof helmet, bullet-proof vest, insertion board, shield, bullet-proof glass, riot-control helmet, shield and riot-control clothes, and etc.
Surveillance System: It is used as the enclosure, rolled net, road-block for the site or area defence, various access guard and exit entrance surveillance control system, and etc.
Electronic Communication Products: That means radio set, antenna and intercom.
Security Equipment: That means bomb and metal detector, wireless signal blocker, mine detector, hand-held metal detector, security check door, luggage detector, digital camera highway surveillance system, radar velocity-measuring instrument, and etc.
Riot-Control and Anti-Terror Training Solution: NORINCO can provide automatic target suitable for indoor shooting training, indoor shooting range system and simulation training equipment and etc., and service on anti-terror riot-control training as well.
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Engineer Equipment
Engineer equipment is an important sector of the army weaponry equipment. It is the material base for completing the operational engineering support mission. In the local warfare under the future high-tech condition, its major functions are:

implement mobility engineer support, guarantee the operational troops to raise the maneuvering capability; execute counter-mobility engineering support, destroy and slow down the enemy’s maneuver; practice the engineering support for viability, guarantee the fighting troops to raise their survival capability, and so on.
NORINCO’s engineer equipment products have a complete range with perfect functions. They mainly cover the following five major categories:
River-Crossing Bridging Equipment: They cover the pontoon bridge equipment, bridging equipment, standard roadway equipment, and light river-crossing equipment and matching equipment.
Military Engineer Machinery: That means battle field roadway machinery, fortification construction machinery, field operation water-supply machinery and auxiliary task machinery.
Mine and Demolition Equipment: That means land mine, mine-laying equipment, demining equipment, landing barrier-breaking equipment and demolition materials.
Camouflage Equipment: That means camouflage operation equipment, camouflage screen equipment, simulation camouflage equipment and camouflage paint.
Engineering Reconnaissance Equipment: That means vehicle-borne reconnaissance equipment, portable reconnaissance equipment, and etc.
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Military Defense Projects
As an outstanding general contractor of military defense projects in China, NORINCO is capable of constructing manufacturing and processing lines of various military products. Leveraging on its professional project management team,

advanced project management approaches and excellent project execution, NORINCO is dedicated to offering high quality services integrating design management, construction & installation, as well as training, operation and maintenance. Currently, it has made significant contributions to the development of national defense science and technology industry of dozens of countries and regions.
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