Zhi Yulin meets with CITS director Jones

On November 16, President Zhi Yulin met with Scott Jones, the visiting director of CITS (Center for International Trade and Security) of the University of Georgia.

Zhi welcomed Dr. Jones. Hailing the decade-long cooperation between NORINCO and CITS, he said the two sides have carried out practical and effective cooperation in a wide range of areas, covering the improvement of export self-discipline, publicity of NORINCO’s self-disciplinary work, analysis and study of policies and reports, joint hosting of symposiums and business trainings, and joint participation in international non-proliferation meetings. He urged the two sides to actively explore new cooperation modes that adapt to the new situations on the basis of previous cooperation.

Dr. Jones noted that CITS and NORINCO have worked together for a long time and such cooperation has become more stable in recent years. CITS wishes to expand the cooperation areas by leveraging University of Georgia’s quality resources, carry out more frequent exchanges, and make their cooperation an example for civil cooperation between the two countries.