President Zhi Yulin Meets with Regional Managing Partner ofErnst & Young Greater ChinaAlbert Ng

On January 13, President Zhi Yulin met with Albert Ng, Regional Managing Partner ofErnst & Young Greater China, and his delegation.

Zhi Yulin extended his welcome to Albert Ng and his delegation, and briefed NORINCO’s“five in one” operational architecture, international operation practices in recent years, and advantages in international operation. Zhi Yulin said that although the world economy has been declining since 2015, NORINCO has managed to maintain robust growth momentum through connotativedevelopment featured byfurther reform and innovation. In the future, the company will expedite extended expansion, especially the investment and M&A in overseas resources development, international engineering, and specialization of civil products, among others. As a major team in China’s “Going Global” strategy, NORINCO would like to cooperate with Ernst & Young Global in relevant fields, so as to transform and upgrade the company to be a world-class multinational company.

Albert Ng briefed the developments of Ernst & Young in recent years and the overseas M&A cases it has served. Ernst & Young said that the firm has specially established Overseas Investment of Chinese Enterprises Division to organize and mobilize the global resources and professional talents of Ernst & YoungtohelpChinese enterprises expand their business in the international arena. As NORINCO has been exploring overseas markets for many years and has accumulatedabundant successful experience of international operation, Ernst & Young will provide global professional services for NORINCO to make greater achievements international operation.